rejected my items

My friends reject everything I do. Without telling me the reason.
Does anyone know how I can fix it without knowing why the item was rejected
Or someone can help me

This is so great cruelty that you do not know why the item was rejected
It’s like you go to the doctor and the doctor tells you you’re sick but don’t tell them what your disease is and what your treatment is.

If you want help or feedback then youneed to share your demo link

What is it?

Certain parts are stretched on mobile

What is it ? simple admin panel
Certain parts are stretched on mobile ?

Certain parts are stretched on mobile ?

Prob belongs on themeforest more than codecanyon but will need a ton more to it - search admin on themeforest to see the level of expected features and functionality

Being honest and clear your item does not deserve approval. Don’t mind my words but take it positive. As you are trying to push an admin template first see available admin templates on themeforest then you will realize that I’m saying right.

Best of luck

Hey there,

Just from looking at your demo - I cannot really understand what it is or what’s going on just from looking at it. You posted this in the CodeCanyon category also; which leads me to believe you posted it in the CodeCanyon category when submitting it for review — was this a theme or app?