Rejected my Halloween flyer

I know i am a little early for Halloween but they reject my flyer.
Anyone know why?
All 3D rendered monsters are included.

The only thing I like is the title.

The rest does not look good at all. The main problem with these 3D characters you use is that they are not high-res. These characters are from that DAZ 3D software, but their big problem is that they are all low res from the mesh to the texture. All the characters from DAZ looks like been used in 10 years old games.

I tried a while ago to use some characters from DAZ and the rendering before post processing looks very dull. I paid allot for 3 models and I end up modeling almost the entire characters in Zbrush in order to add details and redesign all the textures in Substance. I don’t know what these models could be used for, probably in games in scenes with low light or as secondary characters.

Used as main models for flyers, they are certainly not good.



now I know what to say when I’m late for someone’s let’s say 30 birthday → happy 31! :smiley:

Real Wizard. :smiley:

hi, indeed, for me the real issue that u have here is that u did not build around the titles and main text but sort of looked like adding the text after generating the composition, which is the wrong way to do if u ask me, as this is altering the global positioning elements as regard to z lay out and impact zones and provides people with the feeling that the text has been sort of pasted afterwards on something already existing , so to speak …


@DesignSomething i agree that the models are not the best resolusion.
Only the clown is very high but the rest not.
But it was the only way to sell the flyer with the models.
I think it is better to create flyers without humans but only with custom made 3D renders.

It was a good lesson thnx.

Yes you are right about the title and text build around the models.
I was to much focus on this models and i will do it the right way in my next flyer with 3D rendered artworks.
Thnx u2

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