Rejected my first entry


My first track was rejected. Can anyone give me some advice what is wrong? I’d very much appreciate any feedback, Thanks!

Hi.Your track sounds good to me.Maybe a bit too experimental.Still not in the musique concrete typology, which is not tolerated by AJ policy. In what category did you uploaded the track? That will fit best in technology. That might be a reason.

Thanks Soundtrickz, I loaded it in the Ambient section, I thought it was correct.

Try reupload this in the tech section. Also.The main chord that actually stays during the entire duration of the song it might create a bit of dissonance( i know its not, but regular customers,do not) .I understand this a very subjective point of view, but maybe it could be resolve after the first couple of bars.

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Yeah! Thank you so much! Grazie mille!!! :+1:

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