Rejected Music "does not meet commercial quality standard" - any advice?

Hey guys and girls, hope you’re all doing well.
I’ve had a hard reject to a lo-fi track I sent in “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”
I wonder if it may be because there’s tape hiss on the track but I did this because it’s stylistic of lo-fi music and I’ve heard other lo-fi tracks already on audiojungle do the same. Alternatively, maybe it’s just the track! I’m eager to know your thoughts on it.
Listen here : Desert Lo-fi



The track composition is too monotonous, also the mix has too much air, dull and tedious.
That is clearly not acceptable in AJ. Just my two cents.

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It sounds fine to me. Maybe they didnt see a commercial use for this track in this website!


Hey RainforestAudio,
Thanks for your thoughts, do you have any constructive critical feedback for me please?
What do you mean by too much air, tedious? What would you change to improve the mix/composition? It would be much more helpful if you could add helpful criticism to your response please :slight_smile:


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I mean the track’s composition and mix are flat. Maybe you need to add some variation by adding some automation or try to make your hook creatively sound more interesting by adding some variation, dynamic or movement to your track so that it won’t sound flat like this.
It’s also what DeMenegazzo said about your track. They didn’t see a commercial use for this track.
Just my honest opinion alright, other may have better opinion so don’t give up. You have real talent and potential!

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Hey James!

Not an expert on this genre but here are a few impressions.

  • Overall: Lo-Fi would involve weary tapes and analog generated compression. You might want to check out this plugin.

  • Try side-chain compression on the string pad and the electric piano routed to the kick and the snare.

  • If you’re going to apply so much reverb on the snare, do it through aux and not insert, and probably gate it.

  • Wobble the sh#t out of everything. Try very subtle vibrato (LFOed pitch) on the pads and the electric piano.

  • Fool around with some sort of catchy sample, a hook like @RainforestAudio mentioned.

  • The bass might be a bit in-your-face for my taste and muddy in the 180-300Hz range. You could tame that a bit by plain EQing or multi-band compression.

  • Throw the whole mix to a nice tape emulator and improve the master a bit.

Aside from that, I loved the vibe of the track. Dense, dark and night-ish.



Hey WormwoodMusic,
Thank you so much for this response, you’re advice is so specific and has given me so much to take away and experiment with to improve the track. Funnily enough Izotope vinyl was already used on this track on the mix bus using some warp effect but perhaps i should add more! I then recorded the mix to cassette and recorded it back in but perhaps this coloured the mix too much. It’s meant to be just laid back chill background type stuff but I think i’ll try adding a hook with a guitar.


Wow, you went way beyond! I don’t know, probably forget my stupid suggestions on the post-production; that digital-analog-digital loop you did sounds delightful. Perhaps it’s a good idea to bring the drums a bit to the front, apply a more noticeable sidechain compression on keys/pads bus routed to the kick, or kick and snare, go a little easier on the snare’s reverb and fool around with some sort of catchy sweetener (could be a guitar lick as you say, or some kind of sample).

I still think the final master could be a little tighter and brighter.

Again, as I said, I never really dug into this style but recently I gave it a try applying these super basic tips, and the track got accepted. Self-feedback: too uptempo, the snare sucks and is way too hot, the trumpet phrase doesn’t sits nicely in the mix. Next time I’ll try harder. :slight_smile:


The song remembers me this one, i have it approved (without the voice, obviously… :joy:). :slight_smile:


Amazing! Something like Brian Eno meets Tindersticks or L. Cohen… loved it.


Hi James,

I think the track is really nice, this style needs to be repetitive and ‘lo-fi’ right? So I don’t see what’s wrong with it. I think it would be accepted in other libraries…



Beautiful atmosphere bravo!
The noise of the tape and the bass are maybe a little too forward?


Yes. My personal advice.
Drums. Drums need to bring the song up, in the face. I’m not saying to pump up the drums, but in this track, they seem somewhat separate from the rest. The cymbals enter late in the song and they feel like so thin that you barely hear. You practically hear kick and snare, simple, and looks unprofessional.

The melodics are great, you could get some more little instrument few note touches here and there, not to complicate it too much, and also maybe a few small fx, to create that atmosphere…the fx can be replaced with a second drum track where you use “fx” like short drums to spice it up.

But yes. Drums. Too…childish. If the rhythm is like this, complement with a drum loop, or more, that you volume lower, but that will fill up the space…

good luck on your next ones


Quite honestly, and speaking as a video editor of 30 years experience, I think the track is just great! Loved it. I would use it anyday just as it is. The unfounded criticism of it above is simply from trolls. And the advice proffered is fine but really just inane skill-signalling.
There must be some form of appeal to an unjust ruling like this in Envato.


true. you would use it. and so would many. But a long time video editor is different than a long time audio producer. As you would rate videos and their quality upon certain standards, so it is in the audio industry. And since on AudioJungle we’re creating audio for the video industry, something of very good quality has to be created. We have to make sure that the videos are supported the right way. That’s why, some tracks get rejected. I got rejected too. When you do, you step back and see truthfully where you are wrong. Or you ask around people who are in the same boat, if you fail to see any mistakes. My few rejections actually made me learn new things, and made me better.