Rejected logo

I just tried my first submit for logo, I would like to start uploading logos here but I feel very limited on feedback.

I understand this one may be a bit too messy and that is probably the reason why it is refused - but would like to hear feedback from you. Also, I feel very limited with fonts - are there any tricks on how to use non-default fonts, I cant include font files obviously - and if I don’t, user won’t be able to open the illustrator file

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Your logo has to many details and does’t work well on small sizes. Also you use to many color tones and gradients and the result is busy. Regarding fonts you can use this website and include the download link in item description.

In terms of visibility, it’s quite hard to see at smaller sizes, like @DesignSomething said.

The details are definitely a factor, but also the colours and general design. With the light gray on the gray/white background I can’t even see the bottom jaw or teeth. The colours of the logo seem like they’d better fit with a darker background, which you’d need to specify to the customer. Either that, or you need to make the colours of the logo a bit darker.