Rejected Logo. What did I not think about?

Good afternoon,
with respect, but this is far from market standards. Try analyzing the latest approved works on GR so that your design is accepted.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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hi u have many issues to deal with …
1- is the global style which look a bit too “clipartish” and too detailed for marketplace logos …
2- color combinations that seem not to match with each other and do not match with activity code, complementary colors and so on …
3- typo too flat globally and rather lacking of originality , variations and combinations indeed
4- imbrication, the positioning of the the text as regard to the illustration is not exactly the right one
5- tagline is not exactly in the right proportion

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Hello, @hellhat!
Thank you for the responding!

I agree that the logo is far from the market standards. But my problem is that sometimes I want to experiment or create something different… :thinking:

It’s amazing that you have a predisposition for this, it’s really something that every designer should have. But you can’t create something or experiment on something if you haven’t fully mastered modern design. It’s like a train, you jump to the end of the last car and gradually get closer to the steering cabin, where you can experiment with button combinations and create your own trends.

Okay, I’ll try to get to the steering cabin :wink:

Hello, @n2n44 !

Thank you very much for all your detailed comments!

I tried to make these changes to the logo. What do you think about it? This is better or :joy: …?


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hi u are welcome lol :slight_smile: well i think that this is globally slightly better as less detailed and thus a bit more punchy though relief on the washing machine part was good and is missing now . with the new one, the colors are not connected between the illustration and text which is making the logo look not as homogenous as it should be, and i believe that the text part should be a bit bigger so that there this is mot proportioned with the illustration part

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Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face: . I will take note of your comments.

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good luck and good work, if u have clues enough about what to do , pls click the “solution” box :slight_smile: