Rejected Logo Reveal - I accept suggestions for improvement

I come here in the forum in search of suggestions to improve this project.

The project has color controls, shape changes, various resolutions available to the user from 4K to 540p to the user’s taste, a guide for beginning users on how to change the project, the same with “universal expressions” and even then it was rejected, And the feedback responses of the pack are always very generic, they do not help me at all (of course this is not their obligation and should not be).

Can anyone give me suggestions on how to improve it?

Thanks for the help right away.

Link Logo:

Your video is unavailable.

Oops, thanks for the warning. @SpaceStockFootage

Clear flat design and distort effect - are the different style of design. looks some confusing. And color gamma is a little bit boring.
Wish you improve your item and got approved :^)