Rejected Logo No reason

Can someone help me why they rejected all my logos , i try all kind of logos animal, abstract, letter, etc but rejected without reason


I assume the reason given is the quality isn’t good enough? If you post some here you might get some advice on how to improve them.

what do you think ?

I like it - my hunch is this is close to approval. The thing that sucks about the review process these days is that there are so many items to review that they’re unable to give feedback even if something is close to being ready. Anyway, about the logo, the hook could probably be made slightly bigger, more prominent as it’s an important part to communicate the concept, plus the knot part of the line, beside the hook, it’s a bit heavy as it’s a black thicker part. So I would make that probably less heavy, as it’s too dominant. I’m only talking small changes here. I mean this part:

So probably I would try making the line some other colour besides black. Possibly the kerning on the text is a bit excessively big also. To be honest I would try another font, something with a bit more scriptish flair and flowing curves that match the flowing curves in the image. So hopefully with some tweaking this one will be approved.

Thank you

Maybe it’s because of this ?

You even copied the personal logo presentation template…


Do you like me to expose all you logos DEAR FRIEND ?

pls don`t replay on my comment you are not welcome ``

Your work is good, but I think to draw a shadow is bad idea )