Rejected logo mockup

Hi! Since I couldn’t find a simple enough logo mockup to showcase a logo in an unspecific setting on an unspecific support I’ve been using my own. This week I’ve thought to myself “why not sell it online to other people who were looking for the same simplicity but maybe aren’t able to produce it themselves”. Considering all this, I set the price at $3. The file is a .psdt, 4000x4000 pixels, with the good old smart object replacement.

The item was rejected because it isn’t at the quality standard required by Envato. I didn’t take it personally and I don’t want to seem bitter (not gonna lie, it is feeding my inner impostor syndrome), but browsing through the Envato Market…

I’m gonna upload the preview so that I can hear you guys’ opinion. I’m open to all criticism, maybe I need to get off my high horse?

Thank you in advance

Imagine those lines in small size like business card or as a screen logo. The lines become invisibles. Also the proportion between icon ant typo is wrong. The icon is too tall. Being tall it become problematic if you want to place it on a website main menu for example.

Hi @imriky

I don’t think it’s bad, but I also don’t think it’s enough.

There are quite a lot of logo mockups that are essentially just the flat logo on some paper with a bit of the texture showing through. Again, not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just been done a lot and are usually offered alongside other mockups as a sort of mockup pack.

For example, I took a quick look at some others on the marketplace and I think this is a good example.

From what I understand, reviews are also based on the uniqueness and demand of an item, so if you do something too similar to what’s been done tons of times before, then it will likely be rejected, even if it’s of the same quality because it doesn’t have as much of a commercial value as something more unique would.

One slight critique though. The paper texture seems to blur slightly as it gets closer to the bottom, however, the logo isn’t blurring the same way, causing it to be disconnected from the paper.

If you want to do more logo mockups, I would suggest trying something a bit more on the creative side rather than simplistic.

hi I think that there multiple factors to explain the rejection indeed. First this is about having too many lines and for them to be too thin so that this is a problem when the logo is seen in small size , while here they consider logos in small size actually … then, the second really major problem is the complete disconnection between the “b” and the name in terms of typo and , if u ask me, the combination is not working well as this is difficult to get to identify a link between both parts indeed. I think by the way that trying to introduce a bold font in the name would haver been not only more coherent but would have helped to establish a link between both parts, what is lacking at this time. Furthermore, the typo , without considering the connection is a bit flat for a place like GR where typo is probably the main issue of all so that u are asked a good deal of efforts about it. Making sure that u have more font combinations, variations and possible touches of originality would help to generate more relief and take your item to the next level. Otherwise, in a different topic, 3$ is not a price for a logo here , this is like u are self dis considering your work and item, not mention that this can be assimilated to dumping and this doesn’t put u on an equal footing with other logo makers , pls think about it

Hi @XioxGraphix thank you very much for your reply, it was very helpful. I probably hadn’t browsed the site enough. Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency between the fading blur on the paper and on the logo, I’m gonna fix that. I’ll also try to implement some more angles and/or options. Thanks!

Hi @DesignSomething and @n2n44 thank you for your feedbacks, but this is a logo mockup template. The logo I put on it is just a placeholder and, being a smart object, it’s supposed to be replaced. Also @n2n44 I’ve read the last couple of lines of your message many times but I can’t seem to understand. I don’t particularly agree with your point of view (the logo is a real logo I’ve made and for smaller sizes I made a different version, basically everything in the B is inverted except its stem, so the lines become hollow) but thank you anyways for sharing your perspectives, I’ll keep them in my back pocket.

well , if so , this is even worth , do u realize that two “veterans” like @DesignSomething and myself did not even identify what your item was all about? so are u expecting anyone to understand what te item is all about? by the way , with the way this is presented, the perspective and the alignment do not look exactly the right ones…

besides, u may agree or not , u are free to consider or not … but if the logo is a “real one” but was made for custom purposes, u are doing nothing else but confirming what we both told u as creating a template and custom logo is definitely not the same in many ways …

Hi @n2n44 thanks for your reply. Again, I’m not sure I understood the gist of your message. I thought it was clear it was a mockup from the word “mockup”. Did you think I was selling a logo and a brand name? Anyway you’re right, I made this logo for a friend in about 10 minutes, so that probably came through. I still don’t agree with your opinion tbh. What I did understand in your message is a bit of aggressiveness between the lines and I’m not engaging in that. I think I was respectful in my reply. Disagreeing is not disrespecting. Take care