rejected logo error

I sent a logo but refused
how do I send a logo to them to refuse
main zip
I have sent

hi, i guess that the main problem about your item, is that it looks like not editable indeed, as i guess that fresh is a vector and a text that can be changed indeed. U do not have any tag line, too

Thank you yes, this is a vector
I’ve sent another 6, but they’re looking for seven days.

I just started.
I how to succeed.

hi u have to make sure that things that u create are easily editable for people in terms of colors, name and tag line, this is the very basics … think about it , even if someone really likes this item and they feel like buying, the problem is that their company is not called “fresh” so how to do? this is also the very reason why crossing the shape is not a good idea in deed … as if the text is editable , then the holes created by the name are not matching …