Rejected Logo Design

I’m new here on envato. I tried to upload my first logo which was promptly rejected. So I took a look at the forum and followed the advice given to correct the logo design. I uploaded the corrected logo design but got another rejection last week. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or of it’s just due to the quality standards. I’d appreciate if anyone would take a quick look.
Thanks in advance!

Design looks cool. Maybe problem with the technicl quality.
There is a white stroke around the puck. Why did not you remove it? It looks bad.
Red color in combination with dark gray color looks bad. I would have made the dark gray a little more darker

The White Stroke around the puck is not “really” there. Seems to be a compression error. It’s definitely not visible in the final product. I could try making the dark grey a little darker. Does it make sense to just correct that detail and reuploading?

Yeah, your presentation should be in the heights. Without any compression errors.I think that you will have to make more global edits. Otherwise, team of reviewer can regarded it as a repetition. And then you will be warned that the next time you will be banned