Rejected logo animation.

Hi! Yesterday this animation was rejected. I don’t know what to change. Maybe i should add something? Any suggestions? Your opinion is very important!

I really dig the idea. I think if you extrude logo, make it more 3d and work a bit more on the text reveal it should be accepted. :slight_smile:

I think the same as soundeleon, give volume to the logo to justify the weight with which it falls since it is very thin.

Thank you for advice! I will try to change :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for advice! :slight_smile:

I like it overall. There’s a few things I’d change that would increase the sale potential. I’d remove the flare at the end, not sure it works. I’d also have it transition to a flat 2D logo with a plain background at the end, so you’re more focussed on the logo rather than the scene itself with all the particles, and the dust, and the floor.

Would also be nice if you could add a bit of functionality where the user can add their own background image, so the logo is landing in different scenes. Like have a kind of rooftop landing area so buyers can add a city skyline image in the background, a dirt/earth/grass landing so they can ad landscapes in the background etc etc. And maybe some options for if they don’t want to add their own image, like you have now.

So if the company/individual is from London, they can use a London skyline and use the rooftop option… if they’re doing shows about farming, they can stick an image of a farm in the background and use the grass/dirt landing etc. There’s a drone logo sting template out there that has the same option to add different background images which is pretty cool. I think so anyway!

You should call it “Superhero Landing Logo”.


Cool idea! Thank you!