Rejected logo about streaming

Hi guys!

This is my rejected work on graphicriver. LOGO

Do not pay attention to watermarks, when loading them naturally was not.

I want to hear your constructive criticism, and advice, if you are an author in this field, I will be grateful! :sunglasses:

It looks like nothing is wrong…
I don’t really know the rules but that looks like it has no problems

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i like much the base that u are working with , though i see a collection of things to fix indeed. First of all the name is stramgely placed and i am not sure that want u to differ this much from usual standard , so u shouldplace it under the illustration. IN addition, the typo is clean but flat … u do not have any tag line neither do u have an horizontal version of the logo , when this is required indeed … finally i think that it would take your logo to the next level to add some effect and / or colors to it , it looks u have a good and oriignal raw material right now but u need to push the envelope a bit so that u bring a much better work again to the table

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Thank you very much! :blush:

You are right in many ways, I will definitely use your advices.

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good luck i hope u can make it next time :slight_smile:

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