Rejected jQuery plugin

Hi fellow envato members,
I just submitted a small jQuery plugin, and got rejected with the message of not complying with the quality standards, with no specific explanation.
So how exactly is one able to understand the actual issue without feedback. Isn’t constuctive critique what one should give the other in this kind of situation in order to improve on their work instead of just bashing them that it’s not good?
And is it such a big deal to write at least 3-4 words to give a hint about the issue after spending time to review it?


Another thing that surprised me, is their message “…and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”
Why exactly? There was no copyright infringement, and trying again, and again only makes a product better, so can someone please shed some light on these? Because envato doesn’t seem to be doing their job, despite the big comission.

A sad thing to see. They should provide more clear information. I am new also in this field and planning to submit my script but going through everything of their actions before doing so. But the way they are treating users submission with no specific reason of why, but their motto is like, “sharing is caring” in every term and licensing. Then share more detail in the review. That’s all I have to say to envato support.

By the way, I liked the script. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:
It would certeinly help people on improving their submissions.

Anyways, curious how it goes, let me know, and wish you the best of luck!