Rejected Items


I want to start by saying that I have 45 items already approved, so this item that was rejected it came as a surprise for me.

I used HDR images for rendering and I added details such screw and nut so maybe the tris number is not the best option.

But all of them were hard rejected. I’m just trying to understand what I did wrong ? Maybe the preview files weren’t to clean (I used cycle with small resolution ). But shouldn’t I get a soft reject for this kind of problems ?

All the models have UV and texture. I even tested with Photoshop so that I can see if it renders properly the obj model

If any 3d ocean reviewer can read this I would love to find out what I’m doing wrong, so that I know for future uploads.

ps: verts, tris etc count is with subsurf


Any feedback ?


i think its because of the type of the item itself.
this kind of 3d models can easily be found in google for free.

try creating items which are useful but hard to find as 3d stocks.

for example: in Interior Design Industry, they use a lot of well known furnitures (Designer Furnitures from famous product designer) in their projects.

hope it helps.


I don’t know if you can find the same items with the same level of details for free, but anyway I will stop uploading items to 3DOcean and focus on something else.

Thank you for reply