Rejected item

I hope its good, i “blended” in that hair. Is it good enough? :grinning: I should change color of bottom text?

Making a few little changes and then posting them here for more advice isn’t going to make you a better designer. You need to just study and practice graphic design a lot more, then you would gain an understanding of what good design looks like. I’m mainly talking about typography and layouts, that’s what you need to learn about. You simply won’t be able to create designs good enough to sell here otherwise. :blush:



Well, it is a good start, but you need to do a bit more work on that part, (looks a bit sloppy at the moment).

But l agree with @Toivo_Media, there is only so much we can say; not sure if this is your first one, (these forums don’t allow quick access anymore) but l know from experience that the first one is the toughest to get through.

The changes should allow you to try again without any, resubmission issues? :ghost:

But if it gets canned again, best to rack it up to experience and do something different.

Good luck.


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