Rejected item

Those reviewers, what’s wrong with them???
I created a vector zombie , just for this flyer, and then it was rejected… AGAIN, after many others


Your nearly there. i would make background black put nice footer and work on header. i had zombie flyer approved today check it out. get some tips. i can see why this was rejected

unique item , nice work but there’s something missing in your work … u don’t have the space for the name of the place or club … which is not exactly well done in a way. Now i also doubt that u have space enough between the lower edge of the creation and the footer indeed … if u can fix all this, it should be ok according to me … i guess a bit more work on the background would not hurt too , but maybe this is ok without

What do you mean by “Now i also doubt that u have space enough between the lower edge of the creation and the footer indeed” is too much space???, if it is, i can’t fix that, because the stroke would cross to the bleed edge, i need to know if i can use the bleed too (just for that stroke).

I think the problem is related to typography. Try a different font and color, stroke for it.

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Typography is where you can do some improvements. The italic type at the bottom clashes with the upward angled text at the top. Put some more thought into it and get the typography looking good as a whole piece. The background graphics are cool but the current type layout doesn’t look good. :blush:

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Everyone else is more professional in this field.
However, if it was me I would move the Zombie guy in the left side and leave some space to write the host’s name in the right side.

In an advertising leaflet or banner, the name of the host (advertiser) should be more attractive in such a way that pops out of design among other elements in the design.

Good luck

Thank you, all of you for advices, i put all of your opinions togheter, and i made this.

I’m waiting for feedbacks, thank you :smile:

I’m afraid if anything the typography looks worse. I strongly suggest you work on your typography skills as they are letting you down at the moment. This thread has some places to check out - i need to learn more about typography. plz give me some good resource

I would also suggest you stick with a more centred layout as it’s easier to get a good looking layout for a flyer that way. Look through the event flyers section and you’ll see what I mean. :blush:

as for me , i do agree with Martin / Toivo, i think that this is worst than before and i think that the text followingh the head , just like u did, this is not a good idea , as this is making the whole thing look worst again …


Yes, make the zombie smaller, and watch the bleed lines, (l am sure that the top text group will lose something when printing)?

Making him smaller will also allow for more text!

Good luck.


I readed about typography, i think i found my font, but the placement is good?
I have 2 versions: one with vignette, and another one without vignette. I’m waiting for your feedback :grinning:
No vignette

With Vignette

for me the font combination doesn’t really work, if u rework and take into account bleedings, this is should be ok , u should be able to make it :wink:

You’re not going to learn good typography in one day, it takes a lot of time. You should learn about the concept of hierarchy, and also the title and the lower text might as well be 2 entirely different designs. There’s no common ground between them, nothing to make a harmonious looking design.


Doesn’t really matter, but l wouldn’t use it!

And l agree with others, the lower text group has nothing to do with the top one. Undustrial office poster text with Halloween, nah, they need to be related on some way.

10 rules for pairing


Hi, i readed those articles about pairing and typography, and i selected this font, True Crimes (Head text) and Feast of Flesh BB (description text), what do you think? i should change color? i should use another font? i should change text position? And thank you guys for helping me, great envato community. :blush:

Halloween Flyer

PS: the bleed is included in the picture, i solved that white borders, n2n44 :grinning:

Yes, that is a lot better, but l would also put a gradient color behind the bottom of the main text, (the main text going over the zombies head, is annoying.

:sunglasses: :ghost: :construction:

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In my opinion typography is still not working. The zombie’s illustration is pretty nice, even tho i’d suggest you to rework harder on the whole flyer, it ain’t enough yet; GL and don’t give up.

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Like this gradient?? I don’t know if its good with gradient .
“italic” or straight gradient?
Here’s with gradient


No, l was just saying that to click on a brush tool, (soft brush) then flatten it a little, then change the color to match the background or zombies head, etc.

If l have conflicting elements l always put a brush gradient between them, to soften it, and watch out when squeezing a brush gradient, as if you do it manually it tends to create visual faults, (always do it with the numbers above, eg, make 100x100 to 50x100).

Good luck. :ghost: