Rejected Item (pop/instrumental)

Hello guys. Now its my turn to ask your thoughts on this track. I know, its pretty basic and simple etc, but still i am really confused this time and would be grateful for your advice. This track may not be unique, but i was not expecting hard reject at all.(:sweat_smile:)
Review team reply was, like, “too far away from AJ standarts” and “mixing/masteing sucks”.

Thank you.

@Phreaspirit Hi.
Remake this instrumental, and can then pass the track on AJ. Good tools! Use them and change slightly the mood of the music… You can make the “corporate” out of it, the tempo of the track easily matches, kick do-it-straighter, do hihats softer and set a rhythm to them corresponding. In General, I propose to re-consider the idea of the track, and bring it to the final. Mixing and Mastering really have flaws, but the potential this work has, If correctly perceive criticism and give her a second chance, then you will succeed! :v:

Make it dynamic, gather as one and the mix is ready to use…

I think it sounded pretty nice overall! Comment above was good and I could add few small thoughts that came to my mind. Few small unnatural sounds like those string hits had a bit synth feel to it. Also in general the whole track felt a tad slow and tiring at times. I though that just increasing the bpm might do wonders! Just some ideas since it sounds pretty potential!


Thank you, guys, much appreciated!

I think, you just change drum kit sound, i don’t understand this is electronic music or accoustic because drum sound not unified with synth. but overall melody is nice! :blush: :v:

Some notes:

I noticed the bass is panned a bit more to the right… which is really annoying if you listen to it with headphones.
Drums are okay I think. The string stabs are a bit too… how do I say it? I guess mechanical.
That sound that comes in at 0:07 could be a little bit more subtle throughout the track.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much! Your thoughts are really helpful. Drums are Ambeats with “1970 kit” preset. Strings probably are kinda cheesy, you’re right. Piano is EZkeys. Guitar and bass are Ample Guitar M and Ample Bass P II (one of the best plugins i think, i just have to practice with them a little more).

Thank you again!

:ok_hand: Good luck!