rejected item. Please help!!! Please help me , my item is rejected. I don’t understand why ???

Hi CeciliaRec. I checked out your portfolio for reference. I like your work very much. Quite frankly this track is not up to your usual standards. Here are my thoughts/opinions on this track:

-It gets way too busy and complicated with piano, strings, and drums all playing over each other - Too much going on at one time. If you isolated the fast phrases to one instrument at a time while the others supported more, it would be easier for the buyer to use it.

  • The percussion reverb space doesn’t fit with the rest of instruments.
  • The strings come in at 0:33 and aren’t clear. It was confusing to me, like there were sound artifacts happening.
  • The dynamic range gets squashed starting at 1:09. Listen how much fuller the sound is prior to that point, and you’ll hear the effect I’m talking about. This is in part due my earlier point, there is too much going on at one time and the instruments are stomping on each other.
  • It’s very repetitive. I think if you isolate lead parts like I mention above (allow different instruments to take the lead while the others support) then it will enable you to reduce the repetition.

I hope this helps. Good luck to you!

Thanks a lote!!!