Rejected item-how can I improve?

Hey guys, this is typical “looking for feedback” post.
Here are two recently rejected synthwave tracks:
These are loops to be used in youtube videos or live streams. Got a hard reject on these due to “quality issues”.

What shall I improve to meet “industry quality standards”? Is it bad mix, poor composition, boring sounds or maybe everything is wrong?

Please give me some tip so I can focus on something to improve. Naturally, the more detailes the better.

Have a good day and keep it creative!

I think the main issues are the quality of sounds and variation.
The way it sounds to me now is kind of retro, like Super Nintendo music. If that is the intention it is cool but not very viable on this market. My advice would be to use different sounds and introduce more variation in both the composition and between the individual instruments.

Good luck!

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The first track, in my opinion, is unsuccessful in terms of: the track is very short (no track development, no arrangement), drum parts (no kick), no transitions and no effects in these transitions. The first track looks like a blank, which is 20% complete.
The second track is more interesting. He would most likely have been accepted. He has development. It has a nice melody. It has a normal duration. But like in the previous track, he has a weak kick. This track has no effects in transitions. Because of this, it sounds dry and simple.

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Thank you for your comment. This will surely help me

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Thank you. Making good drums is indeed my weak side. I need to find a way to improve it.

My opinion is that the space is not worked out in both tracks. All instruments, except drums, play “right in the face”. Apply reverb to the instruments (in some more, in some less), and then a space will be created in the mix. Sorry for my English. Good luck!!!


Hey, I actually liked the tracks. The music is very nice.
From what I heard and read I suppose you can try the following to make the track more interesting

  1. Apply more effects to the sound to add color.
  2. Make the sounds move in some way, filters, panning, arpeggiating.
  3. Make the drums louder and maybe add something to the low end.

Trust your instincts.