Rejected item. Help!

Please, help me to understand, what’s wrong with this rejected track.


  1. Acoustic guitar that play from 0:12 bot edited to rhytm
  2. Ending chord to loud
  3. Arrangement little bit specific. Maybe listen some folk trends to understand how to make it more commercial. Good luck! :slight_smile:
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It must be faster?

nope :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat, had 13 of mine rejected :confused:
Anyways, there is a point at 0:11 where the clap sounds slightly out of time, before the acoustic guitar comes in? Might be my ears though.

Hi. On my opinion too much bass here. Try to get more balance in your mix. Rhythm guitar playing rough with some annoying accents. And try to add in your arrangement a bit of variety. For now it sounds like all in the same key, monotonously.
Wish you good luck.

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Thanks for helpful advices and your time!.