Rejected Item Going Viral

my first uploaded item rejected, that is a Mobile APP UI - Travel Mobile APP
Here you can see that -

:slight_smile: 199 Views & 19 Appreciate - it in here :stuck_out_tongue:

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thats awesome. :slight_smile:

if you improve a bit you still have chance in selling it in envato.

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behance sucks :smiley:

i can’t have a option - upload this item again. hard rejected

Don’t worry about the generic rejection message you get. As long as you make improvements to the design, you can submit it again.

1st time I am upload it in here… . and reject this… . envato rejected email - there have a note, this design not upload again here. …
so how can i upload it again here ??

you upload again by listening to the above people explaining what to do, if you chose to ignore what people say on the thread then why bother asking at all?

Are you saying that you can re-upload an item, even if you recevied an hard rejection and a specific note that not allows you to re-submit the item?

Yes exactly, as long as you make significant improvements to the item. What’s NOT allowed is uploading the exact same design again hoping it’ll get approved.


I am upload it 1 time - and reject it … this design is my 1st upload item in envato account… .
– hope it not allow to upload 2nd time, am I right ??

Thanks for your reply :grinning:



I agree!

in last 2days 60 people view my this design :open_mouth:

my viral post is more viral now … . 99 design view in 7 days … . thanks for all visitors

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This app design by me - how is it ? please comment