Rejected Item - Epic Drama

Hello there,

This item has been rejected. What do you think is the problem with this?

I cannot understand why this was rejected.

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Hi @MusicFR !

In my opinion, this is a bit of non-standard music, perhaps this is the reason for the rejected. From the first time after listening, I did not quite understand this track as a track in the usual sense.
Most likely the reason for the rejected of the commercial viability of audio.
I can’t even rate your track as good or bad, because I don’t usually listen to that kind of music.
Just my thoughts, good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. >> My advice to you, write more comprehensible music for the majority of listeners!

Sometimes i hear something from “The Omen” soundtrack.

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I don’t feel depth or distance separation. To create orchestral elements, you must make a room simulation on each bus mixes. then put them together to the same place. for more detailed information you can go to the vi-control forum. there are many composers and audio engineers for the film industry.

and don’t forget to learn how to use cc 1 and cc 7 to get better expression