Rejected Indie pop track, help I want to improve

Hi there,

I’ve got a rejection on an indie pop rock track.
This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

Does anybody have any tips on improving this track. Not shure what’s wrong, is it the arrangement (are there weak segments in the track) or mixing, style?
I normally do a lot of “underground” dance music so I am not too familiar with the more indie pop style could this be the case? Some input would really help me to improve.

Here’s the track



  1. Bad stereo picture. 2) Dry-sounding instruments 3) Blurred motif (it idea) just set different melodies. 4) Ugly layout of instruments in space.
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Thanks for your criticism and through this your suggestions to improve. Do you have 1 or any good reference track which I can use as an example to improve my mix.


I think that the bass guitar part is badly thought out here, it does not look natural, a living musician would not play like that. And also the track is very long. The second part looks like a completely different song

Will take another look at the bassline (maybe I can consider a real bass player to play the bassline see what he is comping up with) or program it better (I used Modo bass). I made different sections to not make it not so boring or more or less all the same. Maybe you’re right and the sections are to different, I can try to make a section which is not so different. Great thanks for the input it really helps me to improve as a songwriter/producer:slight_smile:.

I think it’s a really great start. Like others have said, the bass is unnatural.
Also I think it’s too long. It took a while for the melody to come in. I would overall cut the length in half.
The mixing of the drums needs a bit of work also. They aren’t very present.

Good work though! keep it up!

Thank you JackWinn, So far I have to change the bass, make it shorter and do a new mix for sure.