Rejected - I'm not sure why, are you?

Hi all, yet another rejected track. Please let me know if you can suggested whats up with this track?..


Wrong notes and scream.

Thanks for the feedback. Could you elaborate a little please if you don’t mind?
Im not sure which notes are wrong and I guess you mean the ‘heys’ are also no good?

Check out the fourth chord. There is a dissonance. And yes, “hey” doesn’t work.

Thanks again for the feedback, I’ll go back to the daw and check that 4th chord.
Do Audiojungle allow composers to resubmit adjusted tracks?

Can be resubmitted provided the track has been radically reworked. I recommend that you show the track to the community before submitting. To make sure everything’s okay. And don’t rush with this track. Set aside for a while. Later you will listen and hear what else you can fix, add, improve.
Good luck!

That piano is playing a G chord, but you are right, it doesnt sound right somehow. It’s tough!