Rejected illustration

Hello everyone!
My mascot kit has been rejected. Some review would be REALLY helpful to me. I don’t know what to change next time.

I don’t know if i’m wrong, but there are the things I do not like:

  • Main shape: pixelated edges
  • The discontinues dots around the main caption, also I don’t like that this same shape with the dots have very strange edges, either rounded or sharp.
  • I don’t like the fonts you have used.
  • There isn’t symmetry between the shapes and text.
  • Also you can change the brown color of the terrain at the main background.

Things u have to check:

  • Is everything fully editable?
  • Easy custom background change?
  • Have you explained in the description or help file for what and how you can use this illustration and why is so helpful?

Nevertheless, nice characters. Good luck mate :slight_smile:

At the risk of coming across as some kind of new-age hippie… have you considered:

A) Having some ethnic variations for the lady.
B) Having a version where her skirt goes below the knee.
C) Having a version where she’s wearing trousers.

Not saying that will get it approved, but it’ll make it a more valuable item (with a larger potential customer base) if/when it does. And the preview doesn’t make it clear whether you can remove her glasses or not.

Thank you for the quick review.

Yes, I think it’s easy to use the psd file, and everything is editable, but the explanation is missing, and you may be right about the errors too. But I think everything you mentioned is changeable. Why they hard rejected it? Maybe if there is too many errors, they just hard reject the work even if the errors are easy to solve?

However, thank you so much for your time and help :slight_smile:

I think you are absolutely right. Next time I will make more variations. Thank you for helping me.