Rejected? Ignored?


I posted a wordpress plugin which it was for 5 days in my Author Dashboard waiting to be reviewed. Now its not there anymore and I havent even received an email letting me know about it was rejected or not. I check in Hidden Items and not found anymore too.

Can someone help?


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I also waiting more 1 day my 2 flyers upload yestersday on graphicriver, I not know what happened reviews :frowning: but I read reviews “template print” is 1 day, see here

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See my screen is:

Wait more 1 day.

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Now this my screen disappear. I can’t found “Currently processing uploads” panel any tab. I want to know i must re-upload or wait until … ?


You can find in your username and “author deshboard” see your “currenthy processing upload”

Disappear :sweat:

Your template not upload, now you upload it again :slight_smile:

Remember: NOT remove your template when upload, until come your email if accepted your sell.

I really uploaded and never remove my project and wait 4 day but today my project disappear.

If your wait more 5 days not come your email then your can post here forums but your wait more 4 days upload your plugins wordpress. but your patiente because envato have more 14 millions users (authors and reviews)

See time your plugin wordpress codecanyon

Most probably it was hard rejected. Make sure to check your spam folder.

I think that yes, it’s rejected but she can make new plugin wordpress for accepted it.

Now i found email form envato in delete folder. :sweat:

Sorry and thank you verymuch Jeri and MNKY.

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