Rejected! I need your help.

Can you tell me why this tracks was rejected?
KOTO is too noticeable?

For compostions like these, in my own personal opinion, I think would be best to really write an authentic Japaese track rather than water it down using a Western influenced arrangement. Really investigate a “real” Japanese sound using all the wonderful instrumentation and consider the World category as I think there is always a market for that kind of track.

My own personal opinion.


In my opinion, there are two possible reasons. 1) Insufficient quality of mixing and balance between instruments
. And it doesn’t sound natural (it looks pretty rough).
2) Too unique a combination of instruments that does not fit into any genre.

Or both …

With best regards! This is just my opinion…
gballx is telling the truth! There is a greater demand for world music than for such experiments.

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@gballx Thank you for your valuable advice!

Regarding mixing,
What is the point where the mix is unnatural?
Which instrument is it?
Teach me please!

I didn’t think it could be because a combination of instruments is unique.
Thank you for your valuable advice!

Pick up the hint from @gballx . It also contains the term “sound” and means the instrumentation, the arrangement and the mixing quality.
In your case it’s not a single instrument, which peaks badly out, it’s also not a single parameter in the mix or arrangement. It’s all of them.
Compare your track to japanese world music tracks and you’ll recognize, what @gballx has mentioned.

Honestly, no. This is not an e-learning platform for composing and mixing. We can try to help you to identify mistakes. But self-teaching or get teached by professionals is your own task…

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It’s really true here. It’s impossible to teach here. But I will give a hint … The basis of any summary is

  1. Volume balance between instruments (tracks on the mixer)
  2. Equalization
  3. Compression
  4. Reverberation
    This list goes on. But. If you continue the list, it will be endless. But first deal with these concepts. There are many videos on YouTube …
    Best wishes!
    It’s about mixing music…

I cannot post here since it will be deemed as self-promotion but I have a number of tracks that uses Japanese instrumentation coupled with orchestral. I have labelled them as “Sword of the Samurai”, “Ninja*******”. If you do a search you may find them.
Moderators - I am not self-promoting but my intention is to help.


@gballx Thanks for the tips!

@KalterWindRecord Thank you.