Rejected! I need your help.

Hi everyone!

I got a reject for this track. Please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Hello, in my humble opinion the pace is not really Asian. There are only the instruments. it would be necessary to rework the rhythmic sequence and to make it evolve because it repeats itself.
have a good day

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It was rejected, because it has nothing to do with Chinese Percussion, neither the instrumentation nor the used rhythm composition. It sounds like a mix of rock and jazz rhythms.
Whats the purpose of this piece? A logo? For what kind of end product should it be used?
Go to Youtube and search for “Chinese Percussion” and listen to it. Then you’ll know, why it was rejected.
World music is a special genre and needs a lot of self-preparation by the musician. It’s not enough to put a chinese gong on a track, hit it in any way and call it “Chinese Percussion”. The customer expects authenticy.


Sure, I use Chinese percussions, but it’s not traditional.
So is there any other problem?

Sure, I use Chinese instruments, but it’s not traditional.
I used several types of gongs and percussions instruments, so I named it “Chinese”.
It was supposed to be the entrance music for the Chinese Kung Fu performance.
I think there is demand because it sells on other platforms.

I agree that it is not world music.
thank you for the advice.

The main problem is, that the reviewer is quite sure, that it will not sell here. Two people here said, that this piece is not recognizable as “chinese”. If you name a piece of music as “Chinese Percussion”, what do you think, wll the customer expect? Anything else, but chinese-like? You can leave the composition it as it is, if you think there are other reasons than the composition, but it will not be approved by the reviewers. Good luck.

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I’m sorry. I’m not very good at English, so I couldn’t understand it completely.
Do you think the reviewer will not be allowed to remove “Chinese” or give it a different name?

@TAK-O2 Nothing related with the quality or the rejection reasons. What is with the " preview" watermark besides the audiojungle typical watermark? Is very known to me from another RF market.

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Oh, I forgot to mute!
This watermark is the one from other RF markets.
Thank you.

@ Well.It may be a rejection reason iteslf.At least a soft rejection. But , production wise, agree with the authors who already commented above.

It’s a hard reject, so it probably doesn’t matter.