Rejected Hip Hop, I need some feedback

Hi, what do you think about this hip hop track
I need some advice on how I could improve

I´m in the streets with earphones so i cant be more specific, i think there is a sample out of tempo.


The piano seems to be out of sync like @Manriquedelara said. It’s also a bit too repetitive and there is al lack of lower frequencies in my oppinion.

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I agree with what has been said.
Listening with headphones I have a strange “phasing” feeling, something wierd with the stereo in the medium / low frequencies, but it might be me.

But yes, the lack of bass is a real problem to me. Or if you don’t use a powerful bass, then use a bass heavy kick.

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Thank you all very much, @Manriquedelara @FOXYAudio @frozenjazz! I don’t know about the piano… maybe it’s the guitar? I don’t really hear it and i quantized most of the audio and midi.

The missing lows jumped out on me, listening on my monitors again.

Thank you!

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I agree the bass line is weak. It has some nice elements though. Some nice jazzy parts that work well. I like some of the piano runs and there’s good variation and changes in instrumentation. The timing is perhaps a little on the ‘laid back’ side, but I don’t mind it.

The main issue with this for me is that there’s only one chord progression throughout the entire track. It doesn’t lead anywhere and after 50s I’m waiting for a hook that never comes.

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Thank you very much!

I’ll keep that in mind the next time I write a track like that and I’ll analyze some of the top sellers, considering your ideas!

I love people are so helpful and nice here on the forums!