Rejected Hip-Hop, Give me advices.



I got rejected. Many of my Hip-Hop track won’t be accepted…
Help me and give me your advices to improve and develop.

Thanks for advance.


WoW that’s one sure hell sounds alright! I like it a lot. Such a great job.
The main reason why? I think it’s too good and now i will describe what i mean.
This is a commercial library and you need be ready for it. Listen to other Hip-Hop tracks and you will see that they are not exactly pure hip-hop, it’s some kind of mix made of pop and hip-hop. Your sound very modern and cool. Sadly i guess it’s not ready for straightforward selling as stock music. Like 90% of usage of your tracks will be a background videos for people who don’t know almost nothing about music. AJ is very conservative place so do people, they need what they hearing all the time, pop pop pop and more pop. In my opinion, simplify it and make it sound a bit pop and mainstream.
Also followed on SC, wanna see what you’ll came up other that AJ sound. Good luck mate! :wink:


Thank you for your warm words of kindness.
OK next time, I make more simple and catchy.
But even so, I think there are some disadvantages on this item. Failure of musical theory, unskilled mixing skill or something like that. Thus the thing I can do now is finding and understanding that, i guess.


Hehe, mix sound ok, not perfect but really pretty decent one (you don’t want to know what i’ve seen here on AJ that being accepted, lol). There is some trick with EQ that can help you to compete with stuff on the market.
Check it out “youtu(dot)be/1XNPJqQ_4NM”. You can do that with other EQs. Try to find some tracks that similar to yours or just Hip-Hop here is general. I bet it’ll help you. About music theory well, this is interesting and deep topic. Mostly music on AJ using some very (and i mean it) basic of music theory. Yes, you need to know it yes, but damn i don’t think that vast majority people that are selling here have comprehensive knowledge in music theory. Cheers!


Thanks give me a good information. I’m seeing this video right now. Yes maybe I have to under stand AJ’s preference frequency balance as well. It might help me a lot, Thanks again!!


I think the track sounds real nice, maybe the problem is in those kind of abrupt stops. Maybe it would be hard to sync to video.


Hey, i recently joined audiojungle and doing also hip hop beats, had few rejected songs and i think @FireLast is right about making balance between pure hip-hop and pop music. Listen to other authors and compare style, mix and mastering, that could be a crucial thing for progress and improvement in my opinion.


Yes, actually I have to know what many of video maker want. This track might be far from that kind of smoothness. Thanks for mention it.
After @FireLast’s advice, I compare with another track on AJ with analyzer plugin. Actually high frequency and around60(kick) were less. And the AJ hit track had valley between high and middle( suppose to be human voice frequency). Thanks!!