Rejected Hip-Hop, Give me advices

hii, could you please give me some feedback on this track?? it was hard rejected

Your kick drum is dated/out of context and lack of punch. I would use a kick more modern with energy in the bass frequencies (80-200 hz) in that track without too much energy in the sub to not conflict with the sub bass instrument.

Your piano is nice but is always the same volume all track long. It needs more dynamics too be more expressive. You could make it fade in /fade out in velocity at some place a bit.

Your staccato strings need more round robin samples and dynamics too .

Your instruments need more their own place/peak in the spectrum. Your piano is nice where it is. Your strings could sound more bright (hi mid/treble) by exemple.

You have a very long decay on your reverb on the piano and strings. It sounds muddy because of that too.

I hear crackles at some places. You need a good limiter at the end, and before that, to control all your tracks peaks with saturation and compression/limiting individually to keep them punchy and fat and to be able to raise the mix volume some dbs more without make it sounds muffled at the mastering.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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thank you bro for feedback i will try to fix them for next time :wink:

@AnthonySigouin said things better than I would… I agree with everything he wrote:
My first impression is that this is not hip hop at all…
The snare is to my ears even more “out of context” than the kick… also the tempo is too fast to sound “hip hop”… at least to my ears.
The piano melody is great, add some variety in the velocities, and dial in way less reverb…
The staccato strings could be ok to me.

If it was me, I would do what I already did in the past with some of my beats… entirely dump the drums, and redo them. I would choose totally different samples, and use a pattern twice slower than the one you used here. I am sure this can give something really cool.

Now yes, there are also some clipping problems, but the most, #1 problem to me are the drums!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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thank u bro i appreciate your feeback