Rejected, Help

Second song that i send and has been rejected.
Listen and feedback me, please.

Hi @tatowurdig. The sound of the piano chords doesn’t sound good, you should use a better library for that. And the mix needs approvement. Too much deep frequencies, sounds a bit blurred… Improve your mixing skills and keep it up :slight_smile:

Hey @tatowurdig

I took a listen and I agree with @FOXYAudio the piano sounds like very static un-dynamic chords and the lower frequencies are too much, try to work on clarity in your mixes more and keep uploading, you’ll get there :slight_smile:

Thanks, i’m try again!

hey guy, yeah!! Thanks, I’m Try Again.

Hi friend,
Your low-end is too muddy. And your arrangement need more variation part for more exciting but not too much.
Your break down piano should add some reverb and delay’s feedback to fill to space.
In overall you have a good idea for song. But it need more improving in composition and mixing.
Hope you have better lucky.