Rejected. Help?

Can you review and tell me why this track was rejected? I don’t understand.

Imagine that you are watching a video, your track is playing, everything seems to be in order… and at 0:46, the rattle starts playing, think about it

Hi my friend, I listened to your music. Sounds very good but the same melody is a little long, so if you think about it a little bit of introduction, development and conclusion, maybe it can be useful. You can shorten it a little, in short it’s always the same melody and it’s long. Good luck my friend.

Thanks for the feedback. What about mixing and mastering? is it good for commercial track and for AJ?

I listened to your track and there seems to be nothing wrong with it.
It actually sounds like a lot of the music that’s being used as background for inspirational videos and the like.
I’ve had my first track rejected also.
The checklist on envato is over the top, bordering on ridiculous. I actually thought this before I uploaded my track.
It also doesn’t allow for any level of creativity; which means a total lack of emotion in the music. According to the do’s and don’ts, your song has to be rigid and appeal to only a certain audience.
Can’t use this effect too much or that effect too much, can’t use tempo changes, can’t experiment.
I mean, honestly, customers want to use different types of background music for different types of videos.
All the best with your future uploads.

I just listened to Justice, and that’s repetitive.
Same melody, same beat throughout.

There are hundreds of tracks with the same melody. Actually, I based this track on one of the best selling track on AJ. Same structure, little bit different melodies. But still NO :smile:
I have many ideas but I don’t want to waste time anymore.
Now I want to try upload HTML templates. Let’s see what will happen.

Exactly. The style is the same, they all sound the same.
AJ is not a place for people to be creative, unfortunately.

Hi, I listened to your track. Don’t listen to the negative comments.
There’s lot’s of creativity here and certainly not al the same tracks…
Your track has a good basis, but it lacks development. You need to bring some different elements from 1:00 and further. Also the claps/rattle from 0:46 are off timed (too late). And the “story” is pretty much told after 2 minutes. Hope it helps and good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback