Rejected - Help!

I’m confused. What happened?

I saw on the forum that it is possible to resend the track, even if he was “hard rejected” if a fundamental change. Please tell me my track is not so in your opinion. I feel his potential. and I don’t want to delete it.

Well, with the resending of a hard rejected track it’s a gray area I think :smiley: Normally it is forbidden, but if nobody notices …
Another solution would be to try it with denied titles on other portals and thus incidentally build a second non-exclusive portfolio.

As for your title, the mix has some big flaws. The drums sound too compressed and distant, but in the opposite direction too crispy in the high end. The bass, on the other hand, is too loud and takes up too much room.

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In the section “Drum Bass Breakbeat” I heard a similar music and decided to write this section. So drums and bass are so bright.
Thanks for the advice.