rejected hard my flyer :(


Hi to all:

I have flyer is rejected already come email :frowning: I not understand because please help me thanks.

You didn’t do anything to improve the text, it still looks very under worked. The large title is very boring looking, why not use a better font?

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Why you don’t feedback before to submit my design graphicriver? :frowning: you don’t help me thanks.

I can’t magically make you a better designer. You just need to keep working and improving your abilities with typography. I’ve been through the same struggles myself, I still need to improve more but I have at least trained my eye to appreciate if a design is good enough to be approved. That’s an important part of being a designer - training your eye to appreciate whether your work is looking good or not.

I hope you understand that, I know you have to translate everything. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks, I understand but I need improvements texts and colors by design :slight_smile: regards.