Rejected for Standard Quality

This Design Rejected for Standard Quality. I am now very upset.

If you search the forum you will find dozens of rejected business cards similar with this one.

The card design is totally outdated. It has no concept. Those icons are old and overused. Overall the card is not premium, looks like a free template instead.


Thanks a lot for good advice :heart::heart::heart:

hi indeed, I think that what u have to think about is trying to bring something new to the table that differs from the thousands of items of an already quite big catalogue of products that u can find in GR … not to mention that the execution time is very limited and this does not push people buy, neither is the feeling that people would get a product that they could not do on their own … u have a contrast issue with the function and the tagline of the logo and I guess that u can identify the discrepancy in terms of colors of these parts with the other blue ones, which makes the card not really readable all the way , while this is also killing the harmony that u could generate otherwise …