Rejected for Quality standard help ASAP

Hi Envato Team!

I recently upload HTML Template “M - Responsive Login and Signup Page Bootstrap Template” but it rejected and the reason says “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” can you please let me know what are the errors or issues that my HTML template was rejected? I will fix the errors and i will be careful next time to avoid these types of error.

Demo Link:



With respect your item got rejected because of quality standard. It is a login/register module but you didn’t add any validation as like:

  1. email not validated
  2. password not validated, if you enter just 1 caharacter it is showing ok
  3. no unique aesthetics premium design
  4. Signup form is not a completed form only 3 fields


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Thank you for the information i will make the changes that you have listed !

Adding greater form validation and fields etc will still leave of miles from the standards.

There needs to be much much more to items in terms of features, functionality and premium value.

A sign up form on its own would not ever be approved even if you add different versions, fields etc.

For example look on codecanyon and you will see numerous items that allow buyers to custom create their own forms using drag and drop and from a big list of fields and functionality.

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I’m not saying that items like this do not exist, however:

  • Those examples at least offer variations, layouts etc.

  • As per your previous thread/submission, only original work can be submitted - it cannot just rip freebies or other people’s work. If you can’t create your own work, especially when it comes to something as basic as this, then this is really not a marketplace for you.

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thanks for the info.

This is your website etc.???

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i have not seen this website before i have received a video of that slider saying this is assignment have to do that’s why i completed my own you can check his code vs mine.

Sorry i didn’t knew that this was done before.

i can show you the video of that assignment if you want???