Rejected Flyers, Need Help?

These are my rejected flyer designs. Please share your opinions about why could have these got rejected. Thanks

GUYS I REALLY NEED HELP OVER HERE? I opened another different topic few days ago nobody even reply that too. What happened to our HELPFUL COMMUNITY ? Thanks

HI Brejoa, I also got rejection of my first item, i totally not understand what is the issue in my Item, so i simply contact with Envato Support Team and tell him all the things, and Envato Team guide me with screen shots and highlight the issues of the rejection, i solve the issues > re-submit item and i got approved, no one can help you in this matter. So you should contact with Envato Support Team, if you want approve your item fast, may be this will helpful for you, Thanks

Thank you @Bano_Studio i will try that. Have a great day

hi u should post one by one , this is not convenient to have to comment many things in one time, especially when they do not have anything to do with each other indeed …

let’s start with the super discount one. i fu ask me u have a matter of style with this one indeed … this is globally looking a bit disorganized indeed and the eye gets a bit lost when it comes to getting to know what to focus on … u managed to value the super discount thing well but there are some issues all the same when it comes to readability with a lack of contrast of some texts. The happy friday … off is not having the appropriate spacing at the moment and the shape under is either emphasizing it and also making the readability more difficult, actually …
if i were u i would drop a shadow under the tv set and the computer so that there is a bit more realism. Finally footer texts are not popping out enough and lacking contrast until they are hard to read

a global note for the dj things , this is hard to tell why u could not make it with these as some which are not necessarily any better and having the same mistake could get approved , not to mention that this is normally the kind of style that reviewers like here … (these items are supposedly “missing” LOL when two guys alone have 6K items like this …)

the green one
the logo is not well valued , lacking contrast and everything … text disposition is messy and spread everywhere and the eye does not know where to pick up the information … have u heard about the z-shape reading? there is not foot and as such hard to determine secondary information from main ones … u have a real issue in terms of hierarchy …

neon friday one
u should drop a shadow behind the model. black texts are not much readable and not popping out , when they should … hard to understand the guideline in terms of typo …, the club name is not valued , hardly visible , too

for me this is globally too dark and the neon , at this stage and as such is not contrasting enough with the darker BG … texts are not super readable either and the club name is nowhere to be seen when this is part of the most essential data … make sure that the spacing is appropriate , it looks like that this is not good enough yet in the footer

techno party
once again u have readability and contrast issues , pls let me remind u off the fact that contrast is basic design principle and matters much …, the effet in the back is rather cool but otherwise the typo is much lacking variations, font combinations and originality which all ends up in flattening your design indeed. alignment is not properly executed pls make california ad website .com be at the same level … texts on the left are too close from the edge in the best cases u are in the safety zone an this is not done … u need to keep some breathing

Are you serious?
I did not know that it is possible

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Thank you for your time @n2n44

me neither … but as usual what is possible or not depends on the people who are contacting lol

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I experienced it myself so i just share my thought

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this is good that u could, happy for u , normally it should help u :slight_smile: