Rejected Flyer - Advice is Appreciated

Hey guys, I’ve had my flyer rejected because it doesn’t meet the Envanto standards. Would be great to hear some feedback so that I can improve my skills in the future. Here’s the flyer:



hi for me this is good in a general way , but it could be way better again with a different organisation of texts and a more solid typo in a general way. some texts are hard to read, the combinations of fonts are not working so well and this is impacting the hierarchy of information but u have a very good design part in my view and thus a very solid base to work with …

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Thank you so much for the reply, I truly appreciate the advice. Now that I’ve identified the weakness I can work towards improving it. Do you have any recommendations on the best place to learn about fonts and typo? I was thinking maybe on edx but couldn’t find anything specific.

hi Boris, i think the best way is to have a look at a lot of items from ohers and notice good jobs about it and learn from it , too