Rejected Flyer / Abstract Series

Hey there, why I received a rejection for that flyer?
What do you think about this?

I like it, but I really want to move that bottom text up so it’s over that quite big dark purple area. That dark area needs some text over it I think. Plus you could maybe work on the big title a bit more too, it could jump out of the design more.

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I think it looks great. Nice work !

I don’t understand why it got rejected.

Did they give you a reason for the rejection, like a comment ?

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Nope, it just hard rejected. :slight_smile:

Thanks, i will notice that next time.

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hi indeed, as for me, i do the same as Martin @Toivo-Media, this looks really good though maybe u have a little problem of hierarchy (big title not popping out enough among other thing) and maybe a bit about spacing too as the footer looks like lacking proximity with the rest of the texts that look placed at regular distance from each other
though, if u ask me, this hard rejection is hard to understand …