Rejected - feedback very welcome!!

Hi all, I would like to have some feedback on this hard reject, so here is the full preview with 3 edits:

The reject was surprising… all my friends liked the track so much … haha :slight_smile:


Really interesting track! Maybe to much “room reverb”.

Hi @BaumannMusic
Wow! Love this track! Beautiful! Maybe it is hard to cut?

In my view the track need some contrast parts. Your track is good but is has the energy feel all the track. Ex : After the power-epic part, you can make some less energy parts. Then go back to the power-epic parts again. Changing some drum sound on different parts : verse - chorus - break - chorsu…It’ll make more interesting. I think so. Hope it help you.

Hi, like a good track, but terribly annoying ultrasound from above. It’s my opinion.

I think It’s good track. Like! The ending could be more stable but It’s your choice.

Hi Mikhail, thanks a lot for the feedback!! On what system/speakers do you listen? I have heard on Alesis and Yamaha near filed monitors and did not recognize bothering frequencies.

Thanks to all for the feedback, I guess the arrangement is one of the main points here. Initially i thought the guitar pattern sounds too much midi style.

Actually I just sold a license of this song directly for a cinema advertisement, so finally I can be happy that it wasn’t on my exclusive account at this time :slight_smile:

@BaumannMusic ,He can be heard on all devices and headphones too.

Hi and thanks again … can you determine the instrument or frequency range that seems bothering to you? I’d really like to improve this, but I have heard with different people on several sound systems and couldn’t make out the problem.

@BaumannMusic, In order to determine the exact frequency of the ultrasound in this track, I need to download it, but I do not see this track in your playlist on soundсloud.

If I should say something, I think too much verb on the drums, strings could be more developed and the highes a bit (like Mikhail said). But for me the track is already great !

Thanks for all the hints.

@MikhailGraydMusic I could find the track with the loud trebles. It was a synth pad from Absynth.

Probably I should upload one more time in the ambient category, then the reverb would be OK :smiley:

@BaumannMusic long time as you’re looking for)) Good luck! :blush: