Rejected?! Feedback on my Fantasy Soundtrack!

this track recently got rejected multiple times, without any feedback.
I uploaded another track wich i thought was a lot less powerful, and that one got approved.
can you guys please give me feedback on this rejected track?


Sounds niiice! but where is the double bass?

Haha Thanks! But what do you mean “double bass”

My 12" subs are like frozen in time.

With this you can bring them alive again :laughing:

Hi! I agree with @atlemusic that without double bass mix sound not full :slight_smile:

fantastic work! I agree with above posters as well, your lows aren’t sufficiently covered.

Add that bass and watch the sales come in.

Wow thanks guys! Im gonna work on that one! ill upload the results!

There’s a section between 0:32 and 0:48 which sounds decidedly dissonant, in particular at 0:35 and 0:43 - it’s very sour to listen to that dissonance.

wow, I can hear it now, can’t unhear this!
Thanks, will look into it

Oh awesome! I’m so thrilled that this has helped you!!! It should be a very easy thing to fix, make sure you tag me once you’ve changed it so I can hear the new version. I love that you are now able to hear the problem, it’s funny how sometimes we can be deaf to our own mistakes!

I think the dissonance would explain the rejection, and not the double bass thing.

Haha yeah, its so bugging! i think this might be the reason! I just tried for the past hour to fix it, i can’t read notes or chords so its a little harder for me to correct this, I do everything by ear. however, I will keep trying.

Now, im curious to what you think of the other one, the one wich got approved