Rejected due to not meeting the min. Quality Standard (Help out a fellow Musician)

Hello AJ community,

I am relative new in this whole music production thing (however, a music student, so music is not a strange language) and I need your help. My Corporate track got rejected bcs. it doesn’t meet the minimum quality requirements. I was wondering if one of you, professionals, could tell me what’s wrong with it.

From their response, I don’t quite know what to improve and on what to focus more:" This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately."

I had three major questions in mind:

  1. Are the instruments that I use wrong? (wrong, poor libraries)
  2. Is the structure of the song wrong? (accumulation of instruments, some sort of bridge, etc.)
  3. Is there a problem with the mastering & mixing of the tracks?

Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance,

PS: the main bells are too loud, I know

You forgot the link to the track :wink:

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Oups… Thanks.

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First it’s very dry. Secondly, it’s very monotoneus, which might be OK for production music, but you really need to make it more exciting here and there. The Xylophone sounds looped and there’s also zero bass.

Keep it up!


Thanks for the quick response. I kept it simple, because I was thinking that making it more complicated could distract the costumer from focusing on the product (in case the track was used for advertisements).
Thanks again, I’ll do my best.

Yes, that is a good idea, but the xylo sounds too monotonous, there is no variation in the main melody.
Apart what mykeross said.

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I was originally thinking at the Xyl as an ostinato and keep adding instruments over it. But I’ll try to change this structure.
Thanks @ Manriquedelara!