Rejected - doesn’t meet commercial quality guidelines overall



Can you please help what should be a problem? I don´t know if it´s just auto generated mail, or there´s really some problem with a music. I got message that my music doesn’t meet commercial quality guidelines overall. Is it a system that goes through sent songs or was my music really listened by person? Mail I got doesn´t seems to me like it was. It didn´t got me any info about what is wrong with song, just that it´s wrong. I´m new here and I´m sorry, maybe that is a stupid question. It´s just I´m kind of pissed off about it because I´m sure I heard on AJ some pretty not high quality or highly aesthetic works and mine doesn´t seems so bad to me.


hi for me the link is not working indeed …


Hi, sorry it should be working by now…


Hi @dankslejoys! I think the main reason of reject is that track very far of most ambient tracks that sells at AudioJungle. Try to listen top selling ambient track to better understand trends. AudioJungle ambients different from standart ambient music. Good luck!)


Hi there,

I really liked the track…! So please don’t lose your hope just yet… :slight_smile:

On the other hand I can also see why a reviewer might not see this working on a market like Audiojungle (yes - an actual person listened to it…). The biggest problem from my point of view: Your arrangement simply might be a bit too ‘complex’.

One example: There’s major instrumentation changes coming in at 3:50. These are great - and I’m actually a fan of that kind of artistic song structure. Yet for Audiojungle this doesn’t really work.

You have to see this from a client’s perspective: No potential client will listen to the track for about 4 minutes when he’s searching for the right music for his (video/film) project. And if he does it is more than unlikely that he will edit his film/video to match your arangement’s arc of tension. He will need something much more simple and clear to work with. And he should be able to hear all major parts of your music track in let’s say the first 60 seconds of the preview.

Try to take some of the essential ideas of your track and create an edit of max. 3 minutes. Try to imagine this actually being used in a film/video or game as a background track - for example with voiceovers etc.

Hope I could help a bit. Wish you all the best for your future submissions…! :slight_smile:


hi , i am just a fan of music but honestly i do not know much abiout it to say the least , so maybe my opinion is not that valuable but i just feel like sharing how i feel all the same if u do not mind. For me the music is smooth and cool and i basically think this is not bad, however, i think that u are lacking a bit variation when it cones to the rhythm and that thus it looks a bit more repetitive than it should be … Otherwise, there is a true progressiveness in the rhythm but this really probably too much “piano piano” indeed, a bigger pace would be welcome if u ask me. Finally i do agree with what was said the track is too long and if could make it shorter i guess that all that i evoked above would not be this clear and that thus the whole track would really become better without doing anything too much on it …