Rejected, do you think I could improve and try again?

The title says It all… :slight_smile:
thanks guys!!

I honestly hear no real problems with this and I’m sure a year ago it would have been accepted. There are just too many of these “Inspiring, Uplifting” cookie cutter style tracks. AJ has really been cracking down on them for everyone lately, I’d focus on something more unique.


thank you @orbiterred :slight_smile: for your time
yes it’s a good point…actually I have something different in my mind, but honestly I’m a bit “scared” of submitting because usually I see (from the top new files) that the style it’s still the same…
i also understand Envato’s policy on reducing these uplifting stuff…there are tons of it barely distinguishable from each other…but I look what’s selling and that’s it.
anyway, I’m not complaining at all-…I only would not waste the track :slight_smile:
I think that Corporate and Epic tracks are now under the cut…


Very good track. You can:

  • change kick; your kick is more “trance style” kick. Corpo likes “smooth and short” kicks.
  • shorten high piano reverb/automate it; sometimes it overlap on different chords, it has very long decay
  • there are guitar buildups, but there is no guitar chord on first beat. I would say, that chord on first beat is more important in these kind of buildups, than buildup itself. (Ok, now I can hear it - there is chord on first beat, but it’s much more quiete than buildup)

But still, it’s good track. It looks like AJ is setting high standards in corpo genre, so reviewers expect best quality mixes… :slight_smile:

Hey @RedOctopus thanks for listening, and very specific help here!
honestly I used that kick just because it was in previous approved and sold track…that’s the only reason :wink: I should try a softer one I guess!

Any kick advice? I use Logic X pro

absolutely right about the shimmer verb…too much resonance and decay, I have to shorten it up, also decrease the resonance of the mail piano melody…?
about the build ups, they could be definitely lower in the mix…yes I have chords on the one, right! :slight_smile:

Try to extend buildup to hit first beat - that’s the way it will sound natural (!) . It should be different than typical “first beat of each chord guitar” in your project :slight_smile:

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precious :slight_smile:
any idea of kick in logic?
PS- do you think I can submit this, with those changes and different name? would they block me?

@RedOctopus @orbiterred how does it sounds now?


Much better :slight_smile: But still I would search for more “synthetic” kick instead of natural sounding bass drum. In louder parts it’s ok, but at the beginning it’s little strange. I would highly recommend decreasing reverb on that kick.

Melody in middle register of piano can be louder. Sound of this piano can be better. Rest piano parts are ok.

Guitar chords are much better.

I don’t know if you can upload it after edits. But I think some authors tend to do this.

thanks man! I am struggling to find this kick…and I only would need one hit ahahah…I will search, or either delete it in the beginning, letting the hats and claps in…
yes about all…thanks again, I will try to fix it