Rejected design without information what is wrong


we have submitted a 4 page layout of PSD files as a webshop template (you can check the design among the attachments). Later we’ve got an email message that the layout has been rejected because it’s not meet the required standard and quality. May we get some detailed information what is wrong with our design?

Thank you in advance.

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It looks nice, but the layout is very standard with not much of anything new. Your imagery, colours, and logo are all very nice, but that’s all going to be replaced by the buyer, so essentially all they’re buying is some text and box placements, which you can get for free with very similar or identical layouts.

I think if you designed this specifically for a client, they’d be pretty happy with it, but client work and marketplace items are very different. Because a buyer has hundreds or even thousands of similar items to choose from, you need to offer something that’s highly unique while still be usable by a wide variety of customers.

Dear XioxGraphix,

thank you for the prompt answer.

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