Rejected design,what's wrong?????

I have created a business card design but it was rejected.It was my first design,but anyone can help me why?What’s wrong?If I know whats wrong maybe I can do better next time…

hi buddy , sorry to say just that, even if i have no doubt that u tried to do your best, but thewhole thing is definitely lacking harmony and in particular when it comes to font pairings, the readability, as for i see, is far from being good enough (fonts look too small by the way )and the alignments look strange in the general lay outwhy is the line cutting just under the phone and there is big space between the line and the information in the bottom? if the line was crossing in the middle of the mid space the thing would look way more harmonious texts would “breath”
i wish i could help u, i think that if u fix this the item will be much better indeed

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Thanks your answer,and next time I try these problem to avoid.