Rejected corporate item! Any tip?

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It’s a cool track! it reminds me a little bit the Soundtrack from St. Elsewhere. I don’t believe that there’s an association issue… maybe the style, it sounds a little bit old… but still, I think that it’s cool, different, quite original and interesting. I would give you an approval to this track.

I like your track too!!!


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Dude, I love your track! Take it just as a personal opinion, but sadly the corporate genre tends to be pretty conventional and is not quite receptive to any kind of harmonic innovations. I would avoid that chromatic bass note progression and the dominant chords and go for a more classic and standard approach like I V VI IV, I IV VI V and that sort of stuff.

Anyway, just a humble opinion.

Best of luck, mate!


Thanks for technical tip, very useful, maybe i can upload as Classic pop genre

This is a very good one @WormwoodMusic :slight_smile: I take note… now I’m trying to do this genre… well… let’s see what the curators think . :scream:. lol

Thanks mate! Yeah, I was thinking about producing a couple of corporate tracks too. It’s not that I’m crazy about the genre and the jungle is overflown with that stuff, but I’ll give it a try and see how it turns out.

See you guys!