Rejected? Confused.

Recently, out of the group of tracks I submitted, this one was rejected:

But this one was accepted:

How is that first track not perfect background ambience? What kind of person thinks this doesn’t meet the commercial standard?

I see no difference in quality. In fact I feel the accepted track is worse and doesn’t work as well for commercial use.

Would be interested to hear some opinions and perhaps some insight into how the AJ reviewers make decisions.

“Envato” it seems he lives in his own world where there is no movies like “Batman, Thor,” etc. where the episodes play similar music. great tracks very well convey the atmosphere.

Maybe when you send two, they take one,… you send five, tey take two or three… maybe it depends of other submissions from other composers… maybe when they have too much from similar genre, they discard some of them…
good luck

Interesting news, but if I send two items, then take the zero?

Don’t take this personally! I believe that in these tracks everything is in order with the quality, they sound very great! They would fit perfectly as a soundtrack to a movie or a game. It’s just that the AJ has a slightly different music: often less “complicated”, with a rapid development of the composition. Many authors are indignant about this, others are trying to adapt to the demands of the market